How to create attributes
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You can add the attributes to a customer in two different ways:

  1. Adding attributes manually

  2. Upload attributes using an Excel file

  • Once you are inside the customer information section, you will be able to see 4 or 5 different tabs based on the role you have.

  • Inside the Dynamic Attributes tab, you will be able to add different attributes that you can use to categorize the participants into different groups. You can add up to 10 attributes for each customer and each attributes can have up to 30 attribute options.

Attribute name: Team
Attribute option name: Team A

1. Adding Attributes Manually

To add attributes manually for a customer:

  • Go to Dynamic Attributes tab

  • Fill in the Attribute name and attribute option

  • To add multiple attributions, click on gray + icon next to attribute option code field.

  • To remove any attribute option, you can click on - icon next to attribute option code field.

  • Once you fill in the attribute details you can click on ADD ATTRIBUTE button. To add more attributes repeat the same procedure.

2. Adding attributes using Excel template

Using attribute excel template, you can add multiple attributes in once click. To add attribute using excel template:

  • Go to Dynamic attributes

  • Click on IMPORT ATTRIBUTES button.

  • Read the instruction carefully and download the attribute import excel file.

  • Fill in the attribute excel template as shown below:

  • Once you fill in the template file, save it in your computer and click on Choose excel to upload.

  • Select your import template file.

  • The success message will be shown.

  • Click on OK button.

Once you add the attributes, you can find the list of attributes in the Dynamic Attributes tab. To make any changes to the attribute, you can click on edit icon or use the trash can to delete attributes.

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