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Why culture matters? 

Culture is documented to have a significant impact on performance. It shows up as a critical factor for team collaboration, learning and innovation, which heavily impact strategy implementation, organizational change and effective restructuring. 

A business culture is not easy to see, and is by default challenging to measure, monitor and manage. By visualizing the values in a team, a better shared understanding of the Actual culture is likely. This enables the team a data driven process for cultural development and optimalisation towards an Aspired team culture to match the business strategy. 


What is Culture Intelligence? 

Culture Intelligence is a digital service developed by Culture Intelligence AS. The service allows a leader to map the existing culture in a few hours. The leaders can: 

  • Measure the existing culture - Actual Culture - with the help of a survey 

  • Design a strategic culture - Aspired Culture - with the help of strategic culture codes

  • Provide the team and each person with a plan to contribute to the culture shift with the help of our culture analytics and reporting tools

So, how do you measure the culture? 

The Culture Intelligence digital service is based on a diversity of the most relevant theories from values research, and 20 years of experience from this field. The model consists of 100 values, with each value being clearly defined. You can read more about the research behind and methodology here.

Measuring culture is performed using a "culture sensor" - a purpose-built survey.

The survey consists of 8 demographic questions and 100 values questions each containing 4 value statements. When going through the survey, you are asked to select the one statement out of four that is most important to you. Example: 

It is most important to me to: 

  1. be helpful 

  2. challenge others

  3. take care of my family 

  4. build a team 

The survey takes you approximately 25 minutes to complete.  

How do I start using the platform? 

Once you have signed the contract, you will be invited to the platform creating a user account. Depending on the access level you have, you will be able to create survey, send survey, visualize the data, and send the report to the participants. 

Where can I get information about the pricing? 

To get the right plan and pricing for your team please contact us You can also schedule a session with us!

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