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How to create your company brand values measure?
How to create your company brand values measure?
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Brand values are created by sorting customized Culture Code under the respective brand values so the Brand Values can only be created if the Culture Code has been created for the project.

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Once you are inside the customer information section, using the Brand Values tab, you can sort your Culture Code under various brand values.

  • In the Company brand value name field, you can enter the name.

  • In the Custom culture indicator field, select your Culture Code.

  • In the Brand Values field, enter the brand value title and select the respective culture codes from “Select culture values” drop-down list. If you want to add more brand value title click on the add “+” sign next to culture values drop-down list.

  • Once you fill in the details, click ADD BRAND VALUE button to add the brand values you have created.

You can find the list of Company Brand Values you created and respective Custom Culture Indicator Name. To make any changes to your Brand Values, you can click on edit icon and to delete the code, you can click on delete icon.

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