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How to send/schedule the survey invitation?
How to send/schedule the survey invitation?

Send your survey to the participants in few simple steps

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Before sending out the survey invitation to your participants list, make sure that you have done this:

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, go to the respective customer and select the survey that you want to work on.

If you have not added the invitation text and survey template while creating the survey.


  • Select Email templates

  • Fill out the Email and survey template as mentioned in the last step of how to create a new survey?

  • Once all your templates are ready select the participants from the list. You can also select all the participants (from all the pages) at once by ticking the box on the top of the table.

  • Click on SEND OR SCHEDULE INVITATIONS - you got 2 options

  • Option 1 - SEND NOW - the invitations will be sent immediately

  • Option 2 - SEND FOR LATER - you can set a scheduled date and time for the shipment.

    Note: When you schedule a survey, all the participants added to the survey will get the invitation (even if you have not selected them). Unlike "SEND NOW" option, where you can select specific participants to send invitation to, it is not possible to specify the participants while scheduling the survey.

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