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How to compare two different groups?
How to compare two different groups?

Compare the performance of different groups within the company or compare the overall organization's performance with norm groups

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The comparison graph can be created for Values priorities, Mindsets, Culture alignment and Culture code (not for Culture map). To create the comparison graph:

  • Go to the visualization tab

  • Select the graph where you want to do the comparison

  • Click COMPARE

Compare the performance of the various groups within the company

  • Using the various filter options, select the group of participants that you want to use as a benchmark for the comparison.


Compare the overall performance of the organization with the norm group

  • Switch the toggle button ON

  • Select the industry you want to compare your organization with by expanding the drop-down list.


  • The gray colored bars represent the benchmark group

  • To clear the comparison, click on CLEAR COMPARISON

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