What is culture for business?

Understand the basic concept of a business culture

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Culture is not just only like beanbag chairs and pizza on Friday and cake for birthday and all that. Although those perks of course help and represent some sort of culture they are really not the core of a culture that we are looking at business.

The actual culture is defined as the sum of the values priorities in the team or organization that has an impact on people's behaviors while they work and coordinate with each other.

Just imagine all the people in the business. Each person carries the priority of the values that he or she wants to put into action. When they get together in a team or a whole business, those values that most people prioritize will be the stronger drivers in the culture and the business. It will impact: How they work How they collaborate How they put risk into their work How do they avoid the risk How & when they make decisions This is how we put insight into understanding the culture of the business.

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