Personal Report

How to use and interpret the Personal Report

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After completing the survey, you will receive a Personal Report containing an extract of your values priorities, which mindset they belong to, and the type of culture you are most aligned with. The report consists of several different features, each with thorough explanations accessible by clicking on them. By reading this article, you will learn how to interpret and understand your personal report.

  • The report is available in three different languages, which you can choose by clicking here.

  • To download the report, simply click on the "Download Report" button.

  • The first section displays your top ten values. By clicking on a value, you can read its definition and find reflection questions and certain actions related to it.

  • The second section presents the values grouped into seven different mindsets. To read more about each mindset, click on it.

  • Each value and mindset is explained in detail, and there is also a video on each card to provide further information.

  • The last section of your Personal Report is the culture indicator alignment. By clicking on each predefined culture, you can learn more about them and see the five most important values included in each culture.

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